About Us

We have been trading in the magical Isle of Avalon, in Glastonbury, England for 19 years. What began as a niche market and very much a family affair, has grown into a thriving mainstream business. We all support the shop's ethos, approaching this from individual tradition and practice. Within the business we all work practically and consciously with the sacred Wheel of the Year which shapes the ebb and flow of stock ranges and displays.

Currently we are:

Tyna: Owner and Boss Lady. Passionate about the ethos of the business, about offering our customers fabulous products, and about customer service. Supported by the wonderful Kevin who managed to move me on from my 1998 statement of "I will have a website over my dead body…" Here is website number five, and the best!

Debs: Counter Enchantress. Always cheerful and enthusiastic on the greyest day, and superb at customer care and questions in the shop. Tackles, with a smile, all the endless tasks of maintaining the shop in good order, from display to cleaning to answering customer queries. One of her special gifts are the wonderful window displays we enjoy, and which regularly attract the attention of passing photographers.

Nikki: Mail Order Queen. Takes care of all website and mail orders with stunning efficiency and tender attention to detail. Bright and dynamic in her approach, Helen is committed to and very effective at getting those orders out to you in the shortest possible time. Very sharp witted at finding whizzy solutions to all the little operational challenges that arise, her contribution to the whole is vital and much appreciated.


We source our products from all over the world, but are particularly happy with the number of items we offer that are handcrafted here in the UK by individual craftspeople, and how much is crafted by artisans here in the Isle of Avalon itself. Some items are made exclusively for us, and our relationships with our suppliers are as important to us as those with our customers. It is thrilling to see an idea birthed from amongst ourselves brought into manifestation through the creativity and skill of craftspeople and artists.