Banjara Dragonblood Incense Sticks

Banjara Dragonblood Incense Sticks

Banjara Dragonblood – is associated with the element of Fire, giving it powerful protective and cleansing properties. 

Dragons Blood’s fiery properties also make it a useful addition to energy boosting work including spellcraft for love, passion and emotional strength. 

We are proud and excited to offer you our newest range of incense, Banjara.They are simply fabulous.Wonderful, natural, hand rolled sticks, blended with intent, mindfulness, love, integrity and skill.Add also a shared wisdom and gifted knowledge from ancient cultures and you have a clue to their wide range of uses and possibilities. Each box is beautifully presented with snippets of ethno-tribal folklores combining mythology and wisdom, together with a smudging prayer for each one. Banjara is a complete package of pleasure and intention, a unique purchase. We are enchanted with its signature blends and fresh approach.

This wonderful range can be a valuable element in creating and maintaining your conscious magical environment. Or you can simply just enjoy them!

They smell divine and are a firm favourite in the shop. We are in love.

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