A Charm for Samhain

A Charm for Samhain

A simple charm to create time and space and to give thanks and remember our ancestors. The words need to be of your own choosing, this is a deeply personal ceremony and each of us knows who our own Spirit ancestors are. They will be family, friends and lovers, and indeed any persons who have profoundly touched our lives and hearts.

You will need:

A sprig of fresh or a pouch of dried rosemary, for remembrance

Some fresh or dried rose petals, for love

A piece of chalk, charcoal or pencil to draw with

A flatish stone or piece of slate

A small candle or tea light

At a place of your choosing, take the stone and warm it while focusing on your chosen Ancestors. Remember them, honour their qualities and acknowledge the love you feel for them.

While you do this draw a spiral on your stone. This is an ancient and universal symbol which represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth. If you prefer, draw another symbol which has meaning for you at this time.

Place your stone on a flat surface and place your candle/tea light in the centre. Light it and focus on the flame. Speak to your Ancestors and allow them to come close to you in Spirit while the candle burns down completely. Give thanks.

Carefully return the stone/slate to nature and scatter the rosemary and rose petals.

Optionally you may make an offering of bread and wine/water, placing the bread to the left and the wine/water to the right of the stone when lighting your candle.

Never leave a lighted flame unattended.

With Love from Debs. x