A Tree Blessing Charm

A Tree Blessing Charm

This charm is a simple and meaningful way to connect with the exuberant surge in earth energy that bursts forth in Spring and throughout Summer into Harvest. 

It can also be used at any time for blessing and honouring a tree or as part of a Handfasting, Baby Blessing or Summerlands ceremony. Equally it can be adapted for healing purposes or as an expression of hope for the future.

You will need :

A piece of white ribbon, cord or wool (to represent peace, healing and tranquillity) big enough to tie gently to a branch .

Honey dissolved in a little warm water and allowed to cool (clear honey works best ) - for healing, fertility, love, gratitude, and as an offering.

To begin, approach your chosen tree. Clear your mind and focus on the ceremony/blessing ahead. You are going to walk around the tree three times, clockwise. At the end of each round you are going to touch the tree with your right hand and make a heart connection with it. This is the important thing.

Walking slowly around the tree on the first circling say: With grateful heart and loving mind I give thanks for your wisdom”. Touch the tree with your right hand for as long as you feel necessary.

On your second circling say: “With impassioned heart and respectful mind I give thanks for your silent strength”. Again touch the tree with your right hand.

On the third circling say: “With blossoming heart and inspired mind I give thanks for your wild beauty.” Touch the tree with your right hand.

Now sit or kneel in front of the tree. Pour a little of your honey at the base of the tree and say: “May you be blessed with the bursting of the Spirit of Life, replenished in the greening of that Spirit, and strengthened by its passionate flame. Brightest Blessings on you my friend.”

Pour the last of your honey, take your ribbon and tie it to a branch and say “With love, gratitude and open heart.” And the charm is now complete.

You can do a distant blessing for a tree that you are far away from by using a pot of earth and just the honey. And as ever you can use your own words to make the charm your own.