Beltane Blessings Braid

Beltane Blessings Braid

You will need:

A small candle or tealight in a safe holder

A small length of green ribbon/thread or wool:  To represent Rebirth, Rejuvenation, Nature and Positive Energies.

A small length of red ribbon / thread or wool:   To represent Passion, Fire, Courage and Energy.

A small length of white ribbon/thread or wool: To represent Peace, Harmony and Cleansing   3 small slips of paper to roll into mini scrolls.


Find a space where you feel comfortable. Just sit quietly, breathe and clear your mind.   Then take your three lengths of ribbon, tie one end securely, then plait them until you have enough to make a reasonable circle shape. Like a bracelet. Then set this to one side.


Take your first slip of paper and write something that you love about your life or something you feel grateful for. Then roll it tightly into a mini scroll. You can close your scrolls by tightly tying each one with a piece of cotton.


Take your second slip and write a life goal on it.  This can be something you wish to achieve or a situation you wish to resolve. An aim, something that needs doing. Then roll tightly like the first one.

Healing Blessing  

Take your third and last slip and write a blessing to the earth and all those you love on it then again roll and fasten.

Take your candle or tealight and pop it safety in the holder place on a safe and level surface. Arrange the Braid in a circle and place your light in the centre. Then put your mini scrolls at equal distance apart around the base. Then light your flame.

Focus on the energies of love, creativity, union and positive change that you wish to bring into your life. Picture them surrounding and passing through your braid.  When you feel the braid has absorbed your positive energies extinguish your flame.

Take your braid and gently push your mini scrolls through it so it holds them securely. Hold the braid in your cupped hand and speak:.

Awaken - bring joy, Awaken - bring love,  Awaken - bring hope

Your Beltane braid is now ready to either hang in your home, put in a place special to you or pop in a small pouch for your pocket. 

But I Don’t have Ribbons and Candles!  If you do not have 3 different colours then you can just use white cotton and visualise the other colours.   If you prefer you can replace the scrolls with beads threaded on to the ribbon/thread or wool. Or even just knot it three times.   If you are unable to use a live candle flame then focus on a space in the centre and envisage a small flame growing larger as you concentrate then decreasing in size as your charm is complete.   The point is your intention and the doing of it, not the perfect components. Walking the talk.  With love.