Clearing Your Way Charm

Clearing Your Way Charm

You will need :

A small glass 
Small white candle or tea light 
Small sturdy twig

This charm is to help you find a new life direction or reveal your path to a goal. This could be anything from finding a new job to a new way of dealing with an ongoing situation that is difficult to resolve. It can be repeated as many times as necessary. It will help you to find clarity and focus.     

I find that sitting at a table works best for this charm. Make sure all around you is calm and peaceful and clear your mind. Place your candle in suitable holder and light it. Hold the glass in your right hand and fill it with water then it place on the table in front of you next to the candle. Place your hands on either side of the glass and candle and fix your intent on clearing your inner path.     

Now take the twig and trace a complete circle around the rim of the glass saying:

‘First circle is the beginning’ 
Tap the side of the glass to make it ring for clarity and take a sip of the water.     

Again take the twig and trace a second circle around the rim of the glass and say:
‘Second circle lights the way’ 

Tap the side of the glass to make it ring and take a sip of water.     

For the third and last time take the twig, trace the circle and say:
‘Third circle is the completing’ 
Tap the glass and take a sip.     

Now focus your intent on where you would like to be (your mental destination) and slowly sip the rest of the water. Take the twig in your right hand; look into the candle flame and say:
‘Knowledge may you point my way, 
Candle may you light my way, 
Understanding may you be my way.’

Give thanks and allow the candle to burn down. You can now pop twig the under your pillow for dream inspiration or hold it as a focus in moments of doubt or uncertainty or both. When you have no further need of it, return it to the earth.     

Any water will work, any candle will work, any twig will work – they are simply aids to help you to focus. However, if you collect the water say from a favourite well, the twig from a favourite tree, choose the candle specifically – all these actions will magnify your intention.

 With love from Debs.