Introducing Banjara

Introducing Banjara

BANJARA INCENSE - our guide to the wonderful world of Banjara magical fragrances. For you to enjoy... and above all to be happy...

Banjara are simply fabulous. Wonderful, natural, hand rolled sticks, blended with intent, mindfulness, love, integrity and skill. Add also a shared wisdom and gifted knowledge from ancient cultures and you have a clue to their wide range of uses and possibilities. Each box is beautifully presented with snippets of ethno-tribal folklores combining mythology and wisdom, together with a smudging prayer for each one. Banjara is a complete package of pleasure and intention, a unique purchase. We are enchanted with its signature blends and fresh approach.

This wonderful range can be a valuable element in creating and maintaining your conscious magical environment. Or simply enjoyed.

They smell divine and are a firm favourite in the shop. We are in love (again..). Below is how Banjara describe their journey, and that's aslo why we are so excited about their products - here are people who are (like us) passionate about what they do. 

'For what began as a quest for creating the purest fragrances imbibed with natural wellness for the living, became a passionate and relentless search for creating fragrances that transform the world with something so pure that it has probably never been experienced on planet earth. In pursuit of this, we do not know when hours became days, days became weeks and weeks became months, and finally when it dawned upon us that we had it all together, we knew we had a pristine product that was worthy of life itself! A product that is an ultimate combination of craftsmanship in design and purest ingredients of nature, that shall leave you smellbound (read: spellbound!).'

How can you not love this!

Banjara Arruda Rue - Arruda is the habitational (Portuguese) name for Rue. Protection, deep cleansing, clearing, calming, and emotional strength.

Banjara Cedar Pine – for deep cleansing and creating sacred space. Aids longevity, focuses positive energies.

Banjara Mayan Copal - favoured offering of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations to the Sun - Giver of Life.For clearing sacred space, cleansing objects and welcoming benevolent spirits, abundance and happiness.

Banjara Cinnamon – for healing, protection, abundance, creativity. Removes negative energies, welcomes in happiness, good fortune and love in all its forms.

Banjara Dragonblood – is associated with the element of Fire, giving it powerful protective and cleansing properties. Dragons Blood’s fiery properties also make it a useful addition to energy boosting work including spellcraft for love, passion and emotional strength.

Banjara Frankincense – for peace, protection, cleansing. Removes negative energies, promotes peace and harmony, releasing past associations.

Banjara Jasmine – for love, peace, abundance, release, inner peace, good fortune, friendship and creativity.

Banjara Lavender- for protection, inner peace, healing, longevity, relaxation, meditation, sleep.

Banjara Mayan Nag Champa – facilitates meditation, relaxation, inner peace and harmony, remembrance.

Banjara Paulo Santo - Or "Holy Wood " from South America - promotes healing, removes negativity, encourages positive energies, good fortune, inner peace and harmony.

Banjara Patchouli – for love, passion, protection, divination, good fortune, abundance, mental wellbeing and energy.

Banjara Rosemary – for cleansing and clearing, emotional wellbeing, harmony, abundance and good fortune.

Banjara Sandalwood – to aid relaxation, happiness, stress relief. Brings inner harmony, insight, emotional healing and cleanses negative emotion.

Banjara Sweetgrass – for purification, happiness, harmony, good fortune, used after sage smudging to welcome in positive energies and spiritual wellbeing .

Banjara White Sage – for deep cleansing and clearing, creates a sacred space around a person or item, aids inner strength, spiritual cleansing.

Banjara Wild Rose - for positivity, spiritual growth, new opportunities, releasing the past, love, wisdom, and creativity .