New Beginnings Charm For Ostara

New Beginnings Charm For Ostara

This is a useful charm which helps to welcome or initiate change at this Festival Of Promise.

You will need:

A small white candle or tea light
A bowl - plain white, but a clear jar will do

Three pinches of seeds, representing:

Seed - The past, the need for change, container of all possibilities.
Bud - The present, moment of hope and transition.
Blossom - The future, outcome and transformation.
Somewhere to plant your seeds, either in your garden or in a pot. Ideally the water needs to be bathed in the waxing (increasing) moonlight for a period of time.

Firstly pour some water into your bowl/jar, just enough to hold your words/intent. Then leave it in the light of the waxing moon on a window ledge or outside. When you feel that the water has absorbed enough moonlight set it to one side.

On the evening of the Equinox prepare your seeds for planting like this. Place your moon-washed water in the centre, the candle in a suitable container to your right and the seeds in a little bowl to your left. Light the candle and focus your intent in your heart and mind. Use the following invocation:

'Welcome to the Spirit of Growth, essence of change and transformation. Earth to nourish, Air to begin anew, Fire to light the way, Water to cleanse.'

You may wish to add some words of your own here. Either let the candle burn out or extinguish it safely .

Plant your seeds and sprinkle the water over them saying:

'Let love and understanding complete this charm.'

For this charm use your favourite flower seeds that have meaning for you. This is a lovely charm to adapt for children – sunflowers are perfect!