Simple Yuletide Charm

Simple Yuletide Charm

You will need:

1 small red candle 

1 small green candle  

Small stones (enough to make a small circle)

Some earth 

A small piece of bread 

A small glass of wine, mead or water   

The candles need to be placed in a safe and suitable holder. 

Make a circle of stones (this represents your hearth and family circle) large enough to safely accommodate your two candles, the bread and your small glass of wine, mead or water.      

Scatter the earth in a thin layer inside the stones and place the candles in the circle. 

Place the red candle on the left, representing the renewing flames of Yule and the loving flame of Yuletide Hearth.     

Place the green candle on the right, representing the evergreen promise of Yule and new growth.     

Light the red candle saying:
‘This flame awakes the Yuletide hearth’.

Place the bread safely next to it and say: 
‘Bread to nourish the Yuletide hearth’.

Then light the green candle saying:
‘This flame lights the future way’

Place the glass safely at the side and say: 
‘A glass to bring in Yuletide cheer.’

Bask in the glow of the candle light. Now is the time to envisage all the positive things in the near future and give thanks for the positive things in the past.     

When the candles have burnt down say:      

‘A gift of love 
 A gift of laughter 
 At this Yuletide 
 And ever after. 
 Brightest Blessings to all.’

You can leave the circle in place during the Yuletide festivities. I always take the bread and wine into the garden and give it as an offering to the earth. (if you do not have a garden you can always take it to a place that has special meaning to you and offer it there.)     

 Always make sure that candles are in a suitable holder and never leave a flame unattended.     

 Brightest Blessings, Debs. xxx