Star Anise Abundance Charm

Star Anise Abundance Charm

You will need:     

Star Anise seeds - 3 per charm - Star Anise often has 8 'petals' each containing seeds, 8 being the number of the Goddess and of course, the Wheel of the Year.

Cinnamon quills - 3 per charm 

Some thin ribbon in a colour of your choice – I usually use green or purple.     

Some kind of glue to stick the Star Anise to the Cinnamon Quill. How you do this is up to you – we use either glue dots or a glue gun. You ideally do need something which will adhere quickly!     

Clear your mind and focus on the intent you wish to put into the charm. As this is an abundance charm and the choice is yours e.g. abundance or happiness, love, health or luck.               

Take three cinnamon sticks, two at the bottom and one on top like a pyramid shape, making a bundle. As you tie the ribbon around the end of the bundle say:     

 As I bind round and round may (say your intention here) thrive and abound. 

When you have tied each end with a bow as in the picture, take three pieces of star anise and stick them to the charm where you are guided to. You may choose to say some of your own words as you put each piece in its place.     

Over the completed charm say the words:      

 Charm of Plenty made with honest intent, 
 Draw in only what I need, 
 By the blessings of Cinnamon and Anise Seed,
 May my actions harm none. 

When you have completed the charm it can be put in a special place in your home. This is a lovely thing to do for someone else but either ask their permission or give it to them as a gift.     

With love from Debs.