The Comfort Cup

The Comfort Cup

The Comfort Cup

To aid restful sleep at times of unrest, when you are feeling low and unsure, when you need comfort.

You will need:

Your favourite cup!

3 teaspoons of honey - clear is best

1 handful of chamomile flowers (an opened and emptied chamomile teabag will suffice)

Boiling water 3/4 of a pint

Heatproof jug

A spoon and a fine sieve

A piece of blue ribbon, wool or thread

To begin, take your cup and loop the ribbon through the handle and tie a bow.

Pop your chamomile into the jug and cover it with boiling water.  Leave for about 2 minutes. Pour your chamomile infusion into the cup through the sieve, add your honey to taste.

Now stir it clockwise three times and say:

'Sweeten the cup, sweeten the sleep,

With peaceful dreams to guide my way

Content and revived my dreaming done

And with a happy heart my day begun.'

Then turn the whole cup anti clockwise to seal the charm.

Take 3 deep breaths exhaling slowly

Sip your comfort cup slowly.

When it is finished, untie the ribbon and pop it under your pillow.

Sleep well. xxx