The Lucky Sixpence Yule Charm

The Lucky Sixpence Yule Charm

The silver sixpence is a wonderful symbol of prosperity and protection, traditionally placed in the pudding at Yule. Our lovely Debs (Counter Enchantress) has given us this loving charm for Yule to welcome the Spirit of Love, Peace and Harmony at this celebration of Hearth and Home.  

It's a beautiful addition to your own Yuletide preparations and/or makes a loving and thoughtful gift to give to family and friends. 

Think about having a 'making evening' with friends and enjoy the charm making as a group - always fun. A great activity to share with children.  

You will need: 

a sixpence or a silver coin from your pocket 

a small bowl 

a small piece of gold ribbon 

a small cinnamon quill 

a small amount of rose petals 

a small vanilla pod (optional) 

a small red or green pouch, or a small piece of cloth that can be tied in a bundle. 

To Begin: To make this charm it is helpful to sit in the heart centre of your home - the place in which you feel most relaxed and comfortable. 

Concentrate on the heartbeat of your home and make a picture in your mind of warmth, laughter, peace and plenty - all the things that burn brightly at the heart of your Yuletide Hearth. 

Take your bowl and place in it your rose petals and the silver sixpence. 

Bind the cinnamon quill and vanilla pod together with the gold ribbon and stir in a clockwise direction saying: 

'I blend in Love, 

with a wish for Peace, 

may Harmony thrive, Delight increase 

May Laughter make the rafters sing 

a Welcome to the Holly King'.

'Brightest Blessings on my Yuletide Hearth (repeat this three times)'

Pour the rose petals and sixpence into your pouch (or the centre of your cloth), and draw the strings or tie the bundle. You can place this charm above your door to welcome your family and guests as they arrive for Yule or give each person one at the Yule table. The cinnamon quill and vanilla pod can be tied around a wooden spoon and hung in your kitchen or wherever you feel appropriate in your home as an extra charm. 


Rose Petals symbolise love and happiness and the underpinning of all families - something to enjoy and celebrate at Yule. 

Cinnamon traditionally promotes prosperity and wellbeing and is widely used to adorn the Yuletide hearth and table. Vanilla is a symbol of love and plenty. It encourages positive influences, physical wellbeing and happiness.

The bowl represents the cauldron, the container which 'gathers all in'. 

The spoon blends together these symbols of love, prosperity and wellbeing.  If it is the wooden spoon you always use and is a part of your kitchen, it has already been used many times to create you already have a well used magical tool at your fingertips! Enjoy!