Weaving Your Wisdom

Weaving Your Wisdom

Your most valuable magical treasure is your own knowledge. That which you have gleaned yourself.  Whether woven into your daily life or through the threads of your spell craft, your wisdom protects, uplifts and = quite literally empowers you. When you study you walk a path between one world and another toward enlightenment, understanding and insight. 

These magical in-between spaces have many gifts for you, and to help light the way we offer you the Weaving (your) Wisdom Charm .. Always in the knowing that your wisdom is yours alone and not necessarily that of anyone else.

You will need:

A quiet space

A White and/or Yellow candle - For clarity, study, communication and creativity

Incense stick* - Rosemary, Lavender or Rue - for conscious mind, memory and inspiration

The book(s) you are studying

Your notebook or paper and pen

Clear your mind:

Place your candle or candles in a suitable holder and then light your incense. Placing your hands on the books and notebook and pen, focus your intent on the candle. Visualise golden strands of light rising out of the flame, then flowing and weaving around your hands. When you feel ready the following words three times, either silently or out loud.

"Light of wisdom be my guide this day, knowledge and inspiration will light my way."

When you feel the charm is set, (and you will know when that is done) imagine the warmth moving from your hands back into the flame.

You can extinguish the candle and use it again later (some magical tools improve with use )

Draw or write any symbols or words that came into your head as a creative reminder or study muse.

* If you are unable to light incense you can use a spray with the single or combined fragrances in a small spray bottle of water. 3 Drops of each essential oil is usually enough .

For extra energy you can weave this charm at Waxing Moon or use water for the spray that has captured the waxing Moon's light.