Crafting Your Own Touchstone

Crafting Your Own Touchstone

These are not the easiest of times.  As we navigate our way through challenging times we can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed, and lose sight of our way forward.  We need to restore our inner balance and harmony.  With this in mind we have created the “Craft Your Own Touchstone Charm “.  You can make your own small talisman to welcome in hope, strength and reassurance to carry with you wherever you go. Here is a simple way of wrapping yourself in a cloak of calm and encouraging inner clarity, your own bit of magic. Easily made for yourself, or as a gift, as a reminder that you are your own best guide, that love, hope, and positivity are the best medicine. With love from us to you.

You will need:

1 small candle or tealight in a suitable holder 

A small stone or crystal of your choice 

A bowl of warm water 

1. Place the bowl of water in front of you and pop the stone/ crystal in the water.

Light your candle or tea light in front of you then focus on the flame filling the light with positive energy. You can also add any wishes hopes you have for your future.

2. Close your eyes and visualise a shield of light forming over the bowl from the centre of your stone.

3. When you feel it is right, put both hands in the water and place your touchstone in your cupped hand and place your other hand over the top . Removing your hands from the bowl say ….

 "Clear the path and light my way 

Strengthen my heart to embrace each day 

There is no place for fear and doubt 

Uncertainty I cast you out " 

Allow the stone to dry naturally.  The candle can either burn down safely or you can blow it out for later. Your charm is ready to use and can be carried with you or put in a special place in your home, car or office .

Magical tip you can add a couple of drops of essential oils lemon, orange, bergamot etc to the water for clearing and strengthening.

  • You can substitute an item of jewellery you wear for the stone/crystal.
  • Another way to do this, which can be deepening and strengthening, if you choose, is to focus on the light filled candle flame until you can still see it with your eyes closed.  It is thus implanted deeply within.  Carry that image of the candle flame to the centre of the stone, imbuing your positive thoughts and wishes into the stone.

Brightest Blessings to you all x