Mushroom Magic: Ritual, Celebration & Lore by Shawn Engel

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Mushroom Magic: Ritual, Celebration & Lore by Shawn Engel

We Say: Now this little pixie has a lot to tell us about, from the woodland varieties to the mysterious mountain mushrooms of faraway lands (yes including Fly Agaric ). This is more than a field guide. Beginning with a guide to types of fungi then moving on to recipes, spells, folklore and handy tips to spot the more deadly (pestiferous, harmful?) from the tasty and useful counterparts ( lookalikes ....doppelgangers?). This is a magic pocket full of knowledge with a scattering of bright, mischievous fun illustrations that keep those pages turning - this book flying off the shelf ..

The Publisher Says: Mushroom Magick is a whimsical collection of mushroom facts and fables divided into three sections: first, profiles of 22 well-known mushrooms including information on biology and common uses as well as a rundown of their energetic properties and suggestions for incorporating them into spellwork. Section two provides a world-spanning collection of mushroom myths and fables. The final section is a taste of the spells and rituals that you can perform with common mushrooms such as creminis, shiitakes, and portabellos. 

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