Candle Magic by Minerva Radcliffe

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Candle Magic by Minerva Radcliffe

Publisher Says: Harness the power of light with this collection of rituals and spells for seasoned witches, curious mystics, and new practitioners alike. With this invaluable handbook, learn how candles of all shapes, sizes and colours conduct the magic and energies of light. Experiment with the different results as you add candles to your altar, with beautiful illustrations to guide you toward the enchanting flame.

We Say: The pure magic of a candle flame is a blessing, a traditional, powerful and essential part of spell weaving.  Inside the golden glow of a candle a luminescence of enchanting possibilities are waiting to be released...

Leafing through this pocket size marvel you will discover ways to enrich expand and refine your spellcraft, weaving Colour, Herbs and Crystals into your spells and charms.  Simple yet effective ideas to capture your imagination...We were particularly inspired by these:

Melted Wax Seal

Prosperity Is Coming

Fortifying Your Intuition

It’s Your Lucky Day

Perfect for ‘time served’ or fledgling Witches ....

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