The Country Wisdom and Folklore Almanac

The Country Wisdom and Folklore Almanac

We say: A collection of all the best bits, and some, of the best-selling Country Wisdom and Folklore Diary. This was the first Almanac to follow the Wheel of the Year exploring our own British folklore and traditions. Really speaks to 'our condition'. It's a gem. One to keep. One to give.

Publisher Says: This paperback perpetual almanac uses the contemporary annual cycle of festivals, the Wheel of the Year, to share stories, sayings, superstitions and traditions and features black & whites images throughout.

Its aim is to bring together a selection of some of the most interesting folklore we have come across and share it with you in a way that assists you in observing the cycles of the year. Following the tradition of almanacs noting celestial events, the wheel of the year brings together the Anglo Saxon tradition of observing the solstices & equinoxes with the Celtic tradition of celebrating fire festivals tied to the phases of the Moon.

Observing the cycle of the seasons has been important to many people, both ancient and modern. By keeping alive some of the folklore traditions we cannot help but become more observant of nature and her seasonal variations whilst acknowledging their importance to our ancestors and thereby keeping us connected to our shared past. We hope this collection proves an enjoyable way to experience the year ahead.

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