The text on the back of this card is as follows:

Major events in the Celtic year are celebrated by Eight Festivals, four of which record stages of the Earth’s revolution around the Sun; Summer and Winter solstices, when the hours of daylight are at their longest and shortest, and the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, when hours of daylight and darkness are exactly equal. Four Cross-quarter festivals fall half-way between the solar festivals and their celebration marks the start of each season,

Much imagery associated with these festivals is both spiritual and natural as the progress of the seasons reflects the life cycles of those who live on this ancient land.

If you seek them out, Earth spirits may share their joy and magic with you as you celebrate life’s mysteries within the Eight Festivals.

In Druid Ogham tree lore, Yew is symbolic of the Winter Solstice at the end of the year, guardian of the spirits of the dead in preparation for rebirth, while Scots Pine points the new journey’s way; symbol of the Winter Solstice at the start of the new Year. Holly and Yew berries appear like drops of blood, the life force preserved through the dead time of winter, while Mistletoe, the Gold Bough, guards the threshold, like Roman Janus, god of endings and beginnings, looking both backwards and forwards. By starlight, the ancient spirit of the forest gazes in wonder at the tiny seedling growing in the snow covered soil with its promise of renewed and eternal life.

Blank inside. 21cms x 11cms A single card

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