Folk Magic and Healing: An Unusual History of Everyday Plants by Fez Inkwright

Folk Magic and Healing: An Unusual History of Everyday Plants by Fez Inkwright

We Say: A fragrant gathering of plants, trees, and hedgerow healing from our beautiful land. Sprinkled with the folklore and traditions used by wise women for generations to pass on the knowledge of these natural cures and physics. Charmingly illustrated with black and white hand-drawn pictures this simply presented book takes you on a journey through forgotten yet always relevant wisdom.

The lovingly penned reference guide that has small surprises woven throughout, such as Tree Ogham calendar, an entry on The Coded Plants, and the unusual Traditional Lucky Hand Charm. An endearing and homespun title you are sure to fall in love with ....we did ..

The Publisher Says: Throughout history, plants have played a key and vital role to our existence. Whether as a foodstuff, medicine, building material, or religious aid, the way that we re-purpose and domesticate plants has shaped a core part of the development of human culture. Hedgerows and wild-growing areas are a vital part of our countrysides and, through our codependency, have become ingrained in the myth and lore of humanity. Many of the old wives’ tales about plants were created to spread knowledge of their medicinal and nutritional properties, and many have become entwined with stories of local spirits, deities, and more ancient legends.

Folk Magic and Healing is, ultimately, a collection of many of these beliefs, aiming to inspire a greater appreciation of our wild plants and countrysides.

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