Gwydion's Moon Calendar

Gwydion's Moon Calendar

Our famous Glastonbury A3 wall-poster Moon Calendar is published in two (overlapping) editions:

The Yule Edition: From 1st January to 31st December.  THIS IS THE NEW CURRENT EDITION.
The Midsummer Edition: From Midsummer (21st June) to the next Midsummer.


Now available -  The Yule Edition: From 1st January to 31st December 2024

The truly iconic Gwydion's Moon Calendar has been an essential day-to-day reference for those genuinely interested in the natural spiritual traditions celebrated in the British Isles, including Witches, Druids and a whole spectrum of sincere fellow travellers, since the first edition in 1990. Absolutely unique, there ain't nothing else quite like it.

 As well as the essential times and dates for all Pagan folk and more, it has a wealth of other little features to encourage an informed view of natural spirituality.
 You can see at a glance the Moon's current phase and its Zodiac Sign entry times, also Sun/Zodiac entry times ('Sun Signs') with eclipses details, a sunrise/set indicator, lots of interesting Pagan details such as an outline guide to the symbolic Sun God and Earth Goddess cycles and their myths, the annual 'Earth Festival' and 'Solar festival' dates (For Witches these are the Greater & Lesser Sabbats) and 'true' Esbat Full Moon ceremony dates, (so if the moment of Full Moon occurs when the Moon is below the horizon you know which night to hold Esbat) and an outline guide to the enactment of the seasonal Earth Festivals and other items.
 Besides the 'essential' Pagan information there's a monthly guide to the visible night sky - meteor showers to watch for and so on, and other fascinating little snippets. (Including a little 'find the coven' game which is the first thing some 'regulars' look for!) All times are given in Universal Time (G.M.T.) so overseas readers can simply adjust for their time zone, and a simple key helps the newly interested understand it all!
 It's a unique present for birthdays, Yule (& Christmas!) and especially appropriate if you want to encourage a friend to take an interest in natural spiritual traditions - it also looks really good framed, or in a clip frame, it's A3 size, 16½ X 11¾ inches.

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