Gwydion's Planting Guide - The Definitive Moon Planting Manual

Gwydion's Planting Guide - The Definitive Moon Planting Manual

You can start Moon planting at any time of year, and plan for a lifetime's use with this book.

It will show you how to plan sowing & planting times during each lunar cycle to make use of the Moon's regular environmental cycles of light, groundwater variation and so on for vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit, trees, arable crops & all other plants.

There is only one original Moon planting/sowing method used since ancient times - the Guide was written to help its survival, and describes how to use it for your sowing and transplanting, and why it works.

It explains how the lunar cycle affects germinating and growing plants, so you will understand why the traditional method has been valued across many cultures by generations of gardeners and farmers since ancient times.

The Guide also has half-monthly sowing and transplanting lists of virtually every vegetable grown in Britain throughout the year, so you can plan your seed buying, with monthly fill-in boxes to enter times of the Moon's phases and so on, and step-by-step directions to plan optimum planting/sowing times for all plants. (With our annual Year Sheets you won't need to do it yourself.)

It includes handy notes on organic pest control, companion & incompatible plants, crop rotation and other details. You'll learn a genuine ancient skill with a scientific basis, sowing & planting to benefit from nature's cycles for a lifetime of gardening by the Moon.

A perfect present for all organic gardeners - A5 Booklet format with a sturdy, wipe-clean cover for use in the garden!

Written and published by J.R. Gower.

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