Imbolc Message


Some words from us to you, to mark the moment, wherever you are, however hard the moment, the Wheel keeps on turning.

Spring is stirring.

If you were to press your ear to the ground today, and apply a little of your gorgeous human imagination, you would hear it. Slowly, gently, quietly, but without doubt.

You might not see it, you may not believe me, but if you have a little look, a really good look, you’ll see the promise itself.

Yes, it’s still cold. Yes, it’s still dark. Yes, it’s hard. Harder this year than many others. But. Our days are slowly getting warmer, the sun is rising a little earlier, and the magic that has been hibernating in the Earth over winter is beginning to peek and sprout.

Snowdrops are emerging from sodden leaves, buds are beginning to bravely emerge from naked branches, and there are even some early daffodils to be found in the quiet places.

Today marks Imbolc, and is another turn in the Wheel of the Year.

The truth that nature keeps teaching us is that everything - absolutely everything - happens in cycles. Round and around and around. Turning and turning.

We know that nature is not built of straight lines or linear thoughts. Everything that the Earth offers, at a molecular level, grows in spirals. And all life cycles occur in circles. Beginning, moving, and ending. Beginning, moving and ending. Life is a dance should we choose to see it that way.

And the edges of these shapes that fill this dance are continuous, forgiving, and soft. They are not hard or brutal or ‘one’ or ‘another’. The dance, life, our Earth, is alive, animate, and whole.

So, Happy Imbolc.

Imbolc is but a moment within the cycle. A moment to seek, notice, feel, rejoice in, be awed by.

If nothing else today, lean into a little nature wisdom. Take a moment just to breathe, to connect, to be human. Perhaps plant a bulb, or re-pot a beloved plant. Smile at the sun and reach your arms to the sky. Celebrate the quickening of Spring, in ways big or small; She will welcome it.

And Imbolc, like any other festival, is a time to remember *your* place within these cycles - as a part of the whole, not apart from. The arms are wide open. The invitation is always there. What truly lies between you and a snowdrop, anyway?

Happy Imbolc. xxx

Rhiannon Redpath 2021