The Traditional Magical Qualities of Fragrances

We are often asked about the magical qualities of the fragrances of products in our shop - especially the incense. Fragrance bestows a most powerful influence upon us, through the most primitive part of our brain touching into distant collective and personal experiences and memories.

The traditional magical qualities of the fragrances in our incenses are:

Almond – Wisdom, Prosperity, Healing

Aloe Vera – Luck, Protection, Peace

Amber - Healing, Protection, Love, Happiness

Apple – Wisdom, Home Blessing, Prosperity,

Cedarwood - Cleansing, Protection, Space Clearing

Chamomile – Abundance, Happiness, Banishing, Positivity

Cinnamon- Happiness, Prosperity

Clove - Healing, Communication Prosperity

Copal – Purification, Healing, Protection

Dragons Blood – Banishing, Energising, Potency, Protection

Frangipani - House Blessing, Calming, Happiness

Frankincense - Courage, Joy, Strength, Health

Honeysuckle – Healing, Prosperity, Harmony

Hyacinth – Peace, Recovery, Love, Protection

Jasmine – Harmony, Love, Tranquillity

Lavender – Love, Peace, Healing, Tranquillity

Lemon - Cleansing, Rejuvenation, Potential

Lilac - Protection, Love, Harmony, Wellbeing

Lilly of the Valley – Tranquillity, Peace, Purification,

Magnolia - Love, Loyalty, Strength, Spiritual Connections

Myrrh – Healing, Blessing, Spirituality

Orange - Creativity, Communication, Joy

Patchouli – Prosperity, Fertility, Love, Protection

Peppermint – Abundance, Cleansing, Protection, Energy Cleansing

Pinon/Pine – Banishing, Protection, Healing, Abundance

Rose – Love, Peace, Good Fortune

Rosemary- Remembrance, Balance, Calming

Sandalwood- Spirituality, Healing, Cleansing, Wellbeing

Sage – Clearing Space, Banishing

Strawberry - Love, Luck, Friendship

Turmeric - Protection, Abundance, Repels Negative Energies

Vanilla – Calming, Happiness, Good Fortune

Violet – Protection, Peace, Healing, Tranquillity, Love