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Magical Beeswax Polish

Beeswax is a most versatile and magical gift of nature. It has been used for centuries for a multitude of things, from making healing balms and beauty creams to making water resistant cloth. Here is a simple method of making a magical and chemical-free natural polish for wood and leather. It smells divine with or without added fragrance. Use it around your home to welcome in your chosen positive energies and harmony or for taking care of your ritual tools.

You will need:

500 g Natural Filtered Beeswax. This is readily available online, in craft shops, and believe it or not, in some major supermarkets.
400ml Olive Oil. The more you use the softer the polish will become.
30 drops of Vitamin E Oil. You can either buy this in liquid form or as caplets. One caplet is approximately 3 drops .
10 drops of Essential Oil of your choice. Optional

A Heat Proof Mason Jar or container large enough to accommodate the combined ingredients with a little room to spare.
Cheese Grater or Sharp Knife
Wooden Spoon
Large Saucepan
Plastic Funnel

Small Wide Necked Jars for storing your finished polish.

It is best if these are only used for making polish as the wax is difficult to remove.

1. Firstly grate your beeswax into small pieces. It is best to use a grater as the smaller the pieces the faster they will melt into the oil. (It is possible to buy the beeswax as pellets.)
2. Put the oil and beeswax into the heat proof container. Place enough water in the pan to reach about halfway up the container.
3. Heat the water to a simmer but do not allow it to boil. This will cook but not melt the wax! Then place jar in the pan.
4. Watch until all the wax has melted into the oil. Remove the pan from the heat taking care as mixture will be very hot. If using a gas cooker take extra care to remember that wax and oil are flammable.
5. Use an oven glove to remove the jar then drop in the Vitamin E and essential oil and stir it in.
6. Allow the mixture to cool slightly then using the funnel pour it into your prepared and gently warmed jars.
7. Wait until the polish has set and cooled. Completely seal and label.
8. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight .

Some suggestions for magical fragrance:

Rose – Love and Peace
Lemon – Cleansing and Energizing
Lavender - Peace and Relaxation
Peppermint – Abundance, Protection and Good Fortune