Nature's Hidden Oracles by Liz Dean

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Nature's Hidden Oracles by Liz Dean

We Say: Do you want to recognise and connect with the natural oracles that surround us every day? Then this book is a must have.

One of the best guide books on Natural Divination to arrive in years. Easy to follow and positively packed with methods to awaken and enhance your knowledge, changing a walk in the woods or a trip to the beach into a world of discovery and portent. It’s small enough to pop into your rucksack or bag as you go out so you have all these delightful wisdoms right there with you.

Sections include Oracles of the Trees, Herb Divination, Oracles of Stone, Natural Charms from Beach Field and Forest, and how to create your own set of Witchstones. All helping you to gather in the knowledge and wisdom you already have, but you might just have forgotten……

Publisher Says: A practical manual for natural divination in the outdoor environment all year round. By collecting and interacting with the objects you find outside, you can generate new ways of seeing and become more mindful of our environment and what it has to say about our past, present and future. Nature's Hidden Oracles shows you how to connect with your surroundings and the ways of our ancestors through practices such as flower divination, herb-scrying and listening to the oracles of the stones and trees that surround us.

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