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Sacred Earth Celebrations: A Sourcebook by Glennie Kindred

Sacred Earth Celebrations: A Sourcebook by Glennie Kindred

A wonderful user-friendly source book which is of huge value to everyone wishing to celebrate and honour the changing rhythms and seasons of the Earth and her cycles.

Sacred Celebrations explores each of the eight Celtic festivals, looking at how they were celebrated and understood in the past, together with the underlying changing energy of the Earth and ways we may use this energy to create meaningful celebrations for today. This book does not attempt to follow or recreate the past, but encourages us, whether celebrating on our own or with family and friends, to follow our own inspired interpretations of each festival: to touch the sacred, share and participate in the power of nature, express our feelings and find ways to focus on spiritual regeneration and healing. A wealth of information, ideas and creativity to connect to the moment, to the Earth and to each other.

"The amount of extremely useful and inspirational information presented here is vast, breathtaking in fact. This is the book I have waited to see for a long time, it is, in short, invaluable. My recommendation is never to think about a seasonal festival again without at least looking at this book and seeing what advice it has to offer" Robin Whitlock - Awen Magazine.

A perfect introduction to the eight Celtic Fesivals, to the Wheel of the Year. It serves, at all times to inform and empower the reader towards living with. and attuning to, the natural rhythm of the Earth. Great gift.

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