The Magpie & The Wardrobe

We are in love (again...). An absolutely astonishingly lovely book by Sam McKechnie and Alexandrine Portelli. If ever there was a book produced with painstaking love, this is it. It is utterly gorgeous – and full of real surprises. The photography is outstanding and the content is delightful. ‘Be enraptured, enthralled and entranced by this rare and beautiful book’. A very special gift.

‘This book is a celebration of the magical and superstitious, and we hope the customs, folklore and fairy tales you’ll find within will delight, enchant and inspire you. Our magic is simple and pure – you won’t find dark or mischievous intentions in this wardrobe of curiosities. Our spells can’t command the future, control the outside world or conjure hocus-pocus. They are quiet charms, little stronger than a wish, but when you take them with a pinch of salt (and the faintest whiff of sulphur) and work them with a carefree spirit, the just might bring you good fortune, far-flung dreams, and a little bit of luck. So flick though the pages and remember – when magic and fortune fall upon your path, treasure them as your own.’

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