Witches Companion 2018

Filled with fresh tips and provocative insights on the Craft,

Llewellyn’s Witches’ Companion is a guide through diverse realms of practice. Discover dozens of articles to help you create intention, achieve balance, and cultivate the magical energy that’s woven into the world.

• Clean Eating for the Magical Practitioner
• Building a Magical Meditation Practice
• Crystal Magic
• Improve Your Concentration with Focal Jewelery
• How to Start a Pagan Blog
• Everyday Witchcraft
• Welcoming Newcomers to the Craft
• Exonerating the Warlock

Features fantastic writing by many of today’s most innovative Witches and Pagans:

• Deborah Blake
• Tess Whitehurst
• Storm Faerywolf
• Emyme
• Ember Grant
• Jason Mankey
• Calantirniel
• Diana Rajchel
• Raven Digitalis
• and many more

Also includes a sixteen-month calendar and lunar information for spell work and rituals.

Celebrate the energy of the elements. Bring power into your hands that has previously been just out of reach. Discover potent windows for magic and the secrets to manifesting your will in the world.

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