Ancestors by Nigel Shaw

This exciting album celebrates and honours the ancient people of the Siberian Arctic. The music that Nigel has created is based around songs and rhythms from rare archive recordings of these tribal people and inspired by his own recent travels to the Arctic. Some of the voices you will hear on the this album were recorded over 70 years ago but in fact these archives represent a musical history and a spiritual tradition stretching back to the last Ice Age.

The sound memories of these ancestors are beautifully fused with uplifting dance rhythms, wooden flutes, whistles, bagpipes and drums creating a new celebration of these cold northern lands.

These flowing rhythms and chants tell a wonderful story about this powerful frozen landscape. 'Legend of the Solar Tambourine' tells about the return of the sun and the sacred drum. 'The Silver Deer' speaks of the spirit animals that walk the vast primeval forest. 'The Whispering of Stars' describes the feeling of breathing cold air into the body.


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