Samhain Candle

To celebrate the Third Harvest Festival, the Wild Harvest of nuts and berries. A time to honour the dead and seek a vision for the coming year.

The scent is a complex blend of rich dark date, plums, black grape, majestic Nubian woods, and Frankincense. Gorgeous.

Container candle, handmade from natural soy wax. Created with intent and intensely scented with as much original blend of magical fragrance as the wax will absorb.

These exclusive candles are designed to enchant the Senses and inspire the Soul and are perfect for all your magical workings or simply to bring a touch of magic into your home. They also make wonderful magical and spiritual gifts!

Please Note - Your candle may have white marks on the surface. This is known as 'bloom' or 'frosting' and is a normal characteristic of natural waxes. This will not affect the burning process in any way and is, in effect, confirmation that your candle has been made using 100% natural soy wax.

170gms Burn time 30 hours + approximately

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