In ancient times, our Celtic Druid Ancestors devised a system, part alphabet, part calendar/zodiac, to be carved using simple notches onto wood or stone. Each character was a number and a letter. The consonants were time periods – mostly lunar months and the vowels were the solstices or equinoxes. Each symbol represented a tree or shrub, around which grew an extensive mythology, recording historical and religious stories, the uses of each tree both for craftwork and medicinally, and a divinatory system similar to the tarot. To the Celts, the whole landscape was alive with meaning, and wisdom – the wisdom of the trees.

Oak, Ogham name Duir, rules 10th June to 7th July and is sacred to Zeus, Jupiter and Thor ~ all thunder Gods. At this time of year, althogh it is Midsummer, often storms are violent, and Oak trees are struck by lightening. But Oak wood is strong and used to build ships, house frames and doors for protection.

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