Yuletide Blessing Charm

A lovely gift, full of seasonal goodwill, guaranteed to please - how can it not? Full of rose petals, orange and cinnamom and smells just as it should.

The text on the back of this charm is:

To welcome the abundant and loving energies of Yuletide into your Hearth and Homehome .....Ready to be given as a Yuletide gift or keepsake........

Rose petals - for love and harmony

Marigold - to celebrate the Return of the Light

Caraway Seeds - for good fortune and harmony

A Silver Sixpence- for good fortune and prosperity

Made with love in Glastonbury. Exclusive to us. A6 size in cello packet. Copyright Goddess & Green Man 2017

We remain true to the contents of this charm as closely as possible.Sometimes the contents may be slightly varied according to availability but its value/energy will always remain unchanged.

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