Astrocal Moon Calendar Poster 2023

Follow the lunar cycles with this stunning A2 MOON CALENDAR poster showing the Sun and Moon's daily movements for 2023.

At first glance, this calendar may seem like there's a lot of information to understand but actually it's very easy:

• The inner circle is the astrological wheel.
• The next circle is the months of the year.
• The day and dates go around the months.
• The outer circle shows the relevant moon phases with the times she moves into each sign.
• New & full Moons are highlighted around the outside of the wheel & listed at the bottom of the poster.

This year, the illustration features the Gors Fawr Bronze Age Stone Circle, Mynachlog-ddu, Dyfed, Wales.

full and new Moon date, time and sign
phases of the Moon
solar and lunar eclipses
half Moon times
time & date the Sun & Moon enter each astrological sign
pagan fire festivals

A2 poster - 60cm x 42cm 24" x 16.5"

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