House Magic by Aurora Kane

We Say: A complete companion to creating a magical household. An essential magical home and lifestyle manual that will be key to making your home a humming hub of sparkling and welcoming positive energies. From crystals, runes, using colours, symbols, plants and herbs this book leads you through your home room by room using simple and effective ways to a more magical living space and wellbeing for all within.

Scattered throughout with appealing illustrations and snippets of folklore and advice the author has created an exceptionally user-friendly and practical handbook for even the busiest of lives.

The Publisher Says: House Magic presents home protections for every living space that bring together the traditions of earth magic, meditation, herbalism, self-awareness, astrology, and feminist spirituality. From the evil eye to stagnant energy, learn how to transform any space into a sacred sanctuary using the power of crystals, herbs, and flowers. By first learning the ancient histories of home magic spells, their origins, and their practices, House Magic presents spells and protections to produce fundamental manifestations in each space within the home—Clearing, Protection, Comfort, Harmony, and Balance.

This gorgeous guide takes you through manifesting a magical life with intentions, altars, and colors. Meditate with the earth and the moon to bring specific intentions into your space. Bless and protect your house from evil spirits, and create a harmonizing home with charming symbols like dream catchers, runes, hamsa, and triquetra symbols. Use old traditions and objects like brooms and candles to bless your home. Invite household spirits such as the Bean-Tighe, Domovoi, and Gaelic Goddess Brigid for protection. Declutter and feng shui your space!

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