Lunar Pocket Planner 2023

Carry the Moon in your pocket with this year’s Lunar POCKET PLANNER booklet.

Celebrates nature’s seasonal cycle with stunning colourful illustrations each month. Shows the Moon’s daily phase and path and includes the eight fire festivals of the year and what to look out for in the night sky.

As the Moon ebbs and flows, she helps us connect to our own cycles and the cycles of nature. Simple cycles can be followed such as starting a new project at new Moon. Gardeners can benefit by being aware of the Moon's cycles and the most favourable time to plant and harvest different vegetables.


• Moon’s daily phase
• Moon signs
• Full/new Moons
• Lunar articles
• Eight Fire Festival
• Sun/Moon rise/set
• Night sky
• Eclipses
• Shooting star dates
• Moon’s path
• UK time zones

Northern hemisphere
A6 booklet
14.8cm x 10.5cm, 6" x 4"

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