Magickal Crafts by Kristin Madden and Liz Roberts

We Say: A firm shop favourite for years. A creative, fun, and lively dance through the Lunar Year and Wheel of the Year celebrations It brims with ideas, projects, and creativity for all the family to make and enjoy. From face masks to floating candles, recipes, simple drums, smudge holders, and a whole host of things in between to keep you and the little(big) ones interested and engaged. Additional sections included are Mother’s Day, Lunar Celebrations, and Living a Magical Life ... A book determined to bring joy

The Publisher Says: Written by two hedonistic craftswomen and home-schooling mums MAGICKAL CRAFTS is the product of far too much fun celebration and experimentation.

Perfect for crafty Wiccans Pagans Druids and all others who walk the Earth's path. Contains dozens of photos to guide you through the projects.

Do you love to celebrate? MAGICKAL CRAFTS is about creating joy in your life by opening it to divine inspiration. Filled with beautiful magickal crafts and delicious recipes this is a book for everyone from experienced craftspeople to those who are all thumbs.

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