Seasons & Cycles Calendar 2018

A best seller. The Seasons & Cycles Moon Calendar for 2018 celebrates nature’s seasonal cycle and the eight fire festivals. With stunning colourful illustrations together with the lyrical descriptions of nature each month, it takes you on a journey through the seasons of the year showing the phase of the Moon each day as well as other information to help you keep in harmony with nature's cycles.

• Images of nature each month
• Phase of the moon each day
• Moon signs
• Full/new Moon
• Fire Festivals times/dates
• Eight Fire Festival energies
• Planets visible in the night sky
• Sun/Moon rise/set times
• Shooting stars dates
• Moon’s path
• Eclipses
• UK time zones

Northern Hemisphere

24.5cms x 24.5cms, opening to 24.5cms x 49cms

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