The Book of Altars and Sacred Spaces by Anjou Kierman

We Say: A sweetheart with so much in it. A fresh look at magical space and how to celebrate your place within it. Gorgeous photography and beautiful presentation make this an excellent gift.

Bursting with over 50 ways to create enchanting and eye-catching yet simple sacred spaces, this guide keeps its promises, inspiring you to renew and reclaim the magical energy of your hearth and home. All that and how to create unique gifts from the heart for those you love. The beauty of this little book is that it encourages the use of everyday items, and also those found, foraged treasures from Nature. Aside from information on each Wheel of the Year Festival, projects include Firepit of Protection, Fertility Garland, Faerie House, Sacred Picnic Space, and Skills Altar.

Publisher Says: This book shows you how to curate over 50 magical spaces throughout your home that artfully and intentionally observe seasonal celebrations.

Anjou Kiernan, creator of the Light of Anjou, online witchery shop and apothecary and named “One of the Magical Women on Instagram You Should Be Following” by Refinery 29, shows you how to create altars and sacred spaces based on the Wheel of the Year. Simple rituals and DIY projects give you the tools you need to mindfully reflect upon the seasonal Sabbats and holidays. Whether building a sacred fire pit for Beltane or Feast Table for the Autumn Equinox, learn how to honour the sacred doorways of the year and bring magic into your daily life.

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