The Hedgerow Apothecary by Christine Iverson

We say: A treasure book filled with forgotten knowledge. It gives crystal clear instructions all the way from foraging to the 'finished item', using things you can actually easily find - yup - such as poppies, dandelions, nettles, clover, snowdrops etc. A helpful and very useable book.

Publisher says: A book of recipes, remedies and rituals. An introduction to foraging, with pages for information about setting out with a Foraging Toolkit, abiding by Foraging Etiquette and a Foraging Calendar page. All very useful.

It's full of recipes and activities using wild plants and trees which you can find anywhere not far from your front door - poppies, dandelions, nettles, clover, snowdrops - all leading to recipes for eating and healing. Full of beautiful photography and illustrations.

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