The Sacred Tree by Glennie Kindred

A delightfully simple, inspiring and informative book.

'I have written this book to help us find our way back to working with our friends the trees. The trees I have chosen are thirteen native trees of Britain. They formed part of the Ogham tree alphabet from Celtic times and in the past would have been used extensively by the peoples of our land.

Each tree is placed in a Wheel of the Year, connecting it to the Celtic festivals.

Each tree has details of its herbal properties, uses of the wood and the spiritual qualities the tree can teach us, as suggested by its outer attributes, and its place in myths and legends.

By spending time with the trees, gathering their gifts of flowers, leaves, fruit, bark and wood, we also learn to value their powerful presence. We find great benefit to our inner peace by sitting with trees and by honouring them for their spiritual qualities they can help us to learn. Long may our friendship with the trees deepen.' Glennie.

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