Witches' Calendar 2018

Llewellyn’s Witches’ Calendar, now in its 21st year, features Moon signs and phases; planetary motion (including retrogrades); daily colour correspondences; solar and lunar eclipses; days for fishing and planting; and even lunar gardening tips.

With original scratchboard art by Kathleen Edwards and unforgettable spells, essays, and rituals by popular authors, this calendar is a bountiful resource to help you connect to the spirit of magic.

January: The Birds’ Wedding by Linda Raedisch
February: Hearth Blessing by Blake Octavian Blair
March: The Tides of March by James Kambos
April: Cultivating Viriditas by Barbara Ardinger
May: Dandelion Renewal Spell by Monica Crosson
June: Twilight Transformation by Suzanne Ress
July: Deep Summer Energy by Susan Pesznecker
August: The Wort Moon by Ellen Dugan
September: Fairy Rings by Natalie Zaman
October: Samhain Mythology by Ember Grant
November: Feeding the Fire by Charlie Rainbow Wolf
December: Yule Renewal and Rebirth by Thuri Calafia

33cms x 25.5cms, opening to 33cms x 51cms.

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