Witch's Diary 2023: Reclaiming the Magick of the Old Ways

A brand new diary, this immediately became a bestseller last year. With a very strong style all of its own, there are lots of folk out there who will jump at this offering and love it. You know who you are..

The 2023 Witch’s Diary is a magical tool in which you can draw upon ancient wisdom, and is relevant to the modern witch today, enabling one to thrive in balance and harmony - with a sprinkle of very real magick, in conjunction with the witches wisdom of old.

Ideal for anyone who has a love for nature, who wish to bring the magick of the Old Ways into their everyday lives.

Each month you will discover how to work with specific moon phases & weekdays in order to harness your personal power and enhance your magical abilities.

As you journey through the year, you’ll learn how to work with the forces of nature through spell work, incantations, rituals, sigils, age-old recipes and charms that use herbs, candles and crystals.

Perfect for the seasoned witch, or for those who are exploring the ancient path of the wise.

This practical guide will show you how to harness the magick of nature, reclaim your personal power through the discovery of ancient wisdom and embrace the Divine Feminine.

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