Wreaths by Terri Chandler and Katie Smyth

We say: Are you one of those people who comes back from a walk always clutching 'stuff' you have (lovingly) foraged from the hedgerows just because they are beautiful? And then you need a creative idea (or two) about what to do with them? Well, this book will give you ideas - and some! Love it to bits: a kitchen herb bundle, and honesty mobile, a rustic wall hanging - and OMG - a flower wall. Garlands, wreaths, a summer chandelier - it's all here to inspire and inform.

It's an exciting treasury of creative projects to help you celebrate the wheel of the year and mark the changing seasons, bringing the blessings of Gaia into your home. Full of wonderful step by step instructions while encouraging and inspiring book the reader to use and develop their own style.

Publisher says: Discover the joy of foraging and master the art of creating wonderful floral pieces, to gift or keep, through a collection of 22 beautiful and natural designs. Learn how to play around with colour, foliage, texture and architectural forms with a craft that is not just for Christmas. Bringing ideas, skills and techniques, Katie and Terri will inspire you to create impressive statement pieces, tropical and dried wreaths, as well as beautiful garlands and a late summer chandelier.

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