Country Wisdom & Folklore Diary 2020

A perfectly lovely diary for you if you care about nature, love British folklore, myth, legend, superstition and want to be green. And we all do.

Independently published, this diary just grows in quality every year and every year, in our opinion, is the best yet.

'Keep alive the old ways with this week to two pages diary and glean a snippet of folklore each week. It includes sayings, stories, recipies, superstitions, seasonal information, country-ways and traditions of the British Isles. With a colour image each month and small black and white images throughout.'

Now celebrating its tenth birthday this is a well-deserved best seller.

There are changes to the presentation of this year’s wonderful diary! It no longer has a spiral binding but a flat binding.Thus, it may open with a little reluctance to begin with – we expect our diaries to open flat.With useage and a little time, the diary flattens itself quite satisfactorily.The decision to make this change was taken very carefully by Anne Marie and Richard of Talking Trees Books.The process of producing spiral bound books, the impact on the environment, is something that is simply not in keeping with their green ethos.On consideration this damaging process is one they can no longer justify.They have chosen to go with their conscience.

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