Lunar Wall Planner 2020

This stunning Wall Planner provides a lunar background for all your plans. It shows the Moon’s daily phase and path so that you can follow the lunar cycle as she ebbs and flows. Being in touch with this natural cycle, helps develop a deeper connection with the Moon, our planet and ourselves. Simple cycles can be followed such as starting a new project at a new Moon. It includes the planets and meteor showers to look out for each month.

Gardeners can benefit by being aware of the Moon's cycles and so the most favourable time to plant and harvest different vegetables. If practicing Gardening by the Moon, it is useful to focus on the two main cycles of the Moon - her phase and her path. The magnetic pull of these two processes affects the sap in the plant and so determines when it's best to plant and harvest vegetables.

Note: this is not a Gardening by the Moon calendar and does not include information on what to plant each day. Instead, it will be up to you to observe the lunar cycles and to plant according to the phase and path of the Moon.

Moon’s daily phase
Moon’s path - ascending or descending
Full and new Moon dates and time
Planets conjunct the Moon
What to look out for in the night sky that month
Solar festivals

A2 poster - 60cm x 42cm 24" x 16.5"

Northern Hemisphere
UK Time Zone - GMT/BST

Note - this poster is not laminated.

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