Winter Solstice at Castlerigg - pack of 8 cards

A6 pack of 8 cards in cellophane, with envelopes. The inside is left blank for your personal message.

Text on back of card:

As the earth rotates around the Sun it is spinning, but the axis on which is spins is tilted. In Britain the Sun rises in the north east in summer, climbing high into the sky in a big arc, setting in the north west, and days are longer than nights. In the winter the Sun rises later in the south east, climbs barely above the horizon and sets earlier in the south west, so nights are longer than days. As the annual cycle progresses between summer and winter, the positions of the Sunrise and Sunset move gradually along the horizon.

At the Solstices these positions reach their furthest extent and the Sun ‘stands still’ for 2 or 3 days before returning back along the horizon.

The Winter Solstice is mathematically calculated as the exact moment when the tilt of the earth’s axis takes it furthest away from the sun. This can vary from tear to year by several hours, but in most years the Winter Solstice occurs during 21st December.

Stone circles are thought to have been constructed as calculators to predict these astronomical events. Castlerigg in Cumbria is an unusually complete surviving circle, said to be one of the oldest in Britain, at around 5,200 years old, and set on a plain amongst the spectacular hills of the Lake District.

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