Winter Solstice - Callanish: pack of 8 cards

A6 pack of 8 cards in cellophane, with envelopes. The inside is left blank for your personal message.

In the outer Hebrides, on the Isle of Lewis, stands a spectacular megalithic monument. Callanish was built between 2900 and 2600BC in the form of a circle about 13 metres in diameter, comprising 13 tall stones, with smaller stones forming a long double row avenue to the north, and shorter single stone rows to the east, south, and west. In the centre of the circle is a later addition burial chamber together with a taller monolith. The whole monument is roughly the shape of a Celtic cross.

The stones of Callanish incorporate many astrological alignments within their structure. At various times it has been shown that: the stones of the east row pointed to the rising of the Pleiades at about 1350BC; the west row aligned on both the spring and autumn equinoctial sunsets; at midsummer, the moon sets directly over Mt Clisham, when viewed along the avenue; sunset at the Winter solstice aligns with the top of Tirga Mor, the second highest peak on the Isle of Lewis; every 18.6 years, at the major southern standstill of her cycle, the moon skims along the horizon of the southern hills. There is also a chance you may see another amazing sight – the stones silhouetted against the startling colours of the northern Lights.

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