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Spells From Scratch by Poenix Silverstar

Spells From Scratch by Poenix Silverstar

We Say: Now this is one we have been waiting for.  A practical, versatile, and well thought out 'Book Of All Things'. A wonderment of spell crafting knowledge in one book. The correspondences chapter with its magical meanings of colours, numbers, herbs and foods, flowers, oils and more, is just one of the gems inside. With clearly written instructions on Moon Magic, Candle Magic, Magic with Natural Objects, Amulets and Talismans and the stunningly simple One Quick Spell chapter, Spells From Scratch not only earns its keep it provides an abundance of confidence and inspiration .....

Publisher Says: More than just a collection of ready-made spells, this book explores well-established principles of magic that will support your practice and improve castings written by others. Discover what steps are required to create a spell, when to cast spells for the best results, and how to use correspondences to fuel your magic. With Phoenix Silverstar's guidance, you can take your magic into your own hands by casting potent bewitchments that are specific to your exact wants and needs.

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