The Door Washing Charm

To cleanse and lift the energy in your home!

After this sooo long winter it might just be time to put a bit of clearing and cleansing energy into your home. How often do you clean the door to your home? Hmm. What might be the magical effect be if you clean it purposefully? Hmm. How about you give it a go?!

You will need:

3 drops of lemon essential oil or a teaspoon of natural lemon juice
2 drops of lavender oil
Hot water
A white cloth
A bowl or bucket

Place your lemon oil or juice into your bowl and pour on hot water. When the water has cooled sufficiently stir well in a clockwise fashion. Then take your cloth and gently wipe your door starting in the centre and working outwards in a clockwise movement. Whilst doing this repeat three times (either aloud or in your head):

"Happiness and calm be welcome inside. May peace and love here always reside."

When you have done this wring your cloth out under running water, dry thoroughly and keep it for further cleansing. Pour your water out safely outside. And feel the difference.

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