The Goddess

Mother Earth Art Figurine

Sister to the Millenial Gaia. An evolved and magnificent new version.17cm tall x 13 cm wide x 11 cm deep.We have a 30cm tall version of this Mother Ea...
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Goddess Wheel Of The Year

This beautiful 'Goddess Wheel of the Year' measures 9" (225mm). It's very difficult to describe but is very popular in the shop. It's not even actuall...
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Triple Moon Goddess

Honour the sacred cycles of the moon, of the earth, and the cosmos with this Triple Moon Goddess. Her body emerges as a spiral, symbol of life. On her...
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Danu Goddess Tealight

The Celtic Irish Goddess Danu represents knowledge and wisdom. This beautiful image sits cross-legged, holding a tray decorated with traditional Celti...
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Brigid Cross Pendant

Sterling silver pendant, complete in a gauze pouch with a length of black cotton cord. 3.8 cms diameter. It is long time since we have found a Brigid ...
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